Office of Financial Services

​The Division of Financial Services is a customer-oriented division that provides system wide support in the areas of accounting and bookkeeping, personnel management, and distribution of instructional and office supplies from a central warehouse.

Budget Development and Control

Financial Services directs the development of an operating budget based on the local ability and desire to support the school system and on other sources of support such as state aid, financial aid, grants, gifts, and bequests.

Our goal is to have a balanced budget each year. In accordance with the Rockdale County Public Schools Strategic Plan, the budget will provide optimum resources to support a world-class educational system.


The Rockdale County Public Schools is a registered participant in the federal work authorization program commonly known as E-verify, and uses such program to verify employment eligibility of all employees hired on or after December 9, 2009.

Company ID Number:  288517
Date of Authorization:  12/9/2009

Financial Services Directory

Contact Job Title Business Phone
Lee Davis CFO 770-860-4257
Jeanmarie Morganelli Executive Secretary 770-761-1445

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Helpful Information

SPLOST Projects Year End June 2015
FY18 Approved Budget                       FY17 Approved Budget
                                                             FY17 Millage Rate History

20 DAY ENROLLMENT SY18                      20 DAY ENROLLMENT SY17
40 DAY ENROLLMENT SY18                      40 DAY ENROLLMENT SY17
                                                                                  60 DAY ENROLLMENT SY17
                                                                                          80 DAY ENROLLMENT SY17
                                                                                        100 DAY ENROLLMENT SY17 
                                                                                        120 DAY ENROLLMENT SY17
                                                                                        140 DAY ENROLLMENT SY17
                                                                                        160 DAY ENROLLMENT SY17
                                                                                        175 DAY ENROLLMENT SY17