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Academy of Performing and Visual Arts at Heritage High School information page

Program Overview

The Academy for Performing and Visual Arts at Heritage High School was founded in 2014 for students with exceptional talent in the arts. Its goal is to develop and nurture talented young artists for successful vocations, avocations and advocacy in the arts through extensive training programs and classes in dance, drama or technical theatre, instrumental music, visual arts, and vocal music while maintaining high academic achievement. The Academy for Performing and Visual Arts faculty views academics and the arts as equally important and is committed to developing lifelong learners and arts advocates.

An Open House for students and families interested in applying for 2019-20 will be held Thursday, November 8, 2018, 6-7:30 p.m. at Heritage High School, 2400 Granade Road, Conyers, GA.

The application for 2019-20 is open November 16 - December 21, 2018 at

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Components for Student Success

Each accepted student is enrolled in a major:
Vocal Music
Instrumental Music
Technical Theatre
Visual Arts

Students study in their major concentration area for two class periods each semester.  They are expected to remain in the program every semester of their high school careers.  Students are actively involved in extracurricular performances and are given the opportunity to work with top professionals in the arts from the Atlanta area and throughout the United States. 

Application, Eligibility, and Artistic Review

RCPS will use an electronic application process for 2018-19 School Choice programs.  No paper applications will be accepted.  Students may apply for one School Choice program only for the 2018-19 school year.

The application window opens November 16 - December 21, 2018. The online application will be available on the district website at:

All applicants must schedule an audition/artistic review. Applicants will be emailed a link and information on how to schedule an audition.

The Student Registration Office at 1143 West Avenue will provide assistance to access the online application if needed, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m., on a first come, first served basis. Only complete applications will be accepted.

Eligibility Criteria
Students must meet the student registration requirements for Rockdale County Public Schools. 

Students who change schools after day one of their 9th grade year may not be eligible for varsity sports, literary competitions or One Act Play.  All GHSA eligibility rules apply for all programs.

Students and parents must agree to the Choice contract.

Audition/Artistic Review Requirements

Applicants must schedule an audition/artistic review while filling out their application.  Auditions/artistic reviews will be held in February 2019.


Please come dressed in dance attire: leotard, tights, and a dance skirt or dance shorts. NO street clothing or baggy, restricting or revealing clothing. Non-dance shoes are not acceptable. Dance shoes, (ballet slippers and jazz shoes) are required. Dancing in socks is not acceptable. Students will learn a ballet barre warm-up first. Students will then learn choreography in a large group setting. After that, they will be broken into smaller groups and perform the choreography. There will be a brief interview for each student following the audition.

Instrumental Music:
Wind Players:
1. Play the following major scales and arpeggios: Concert F, Bb (May be one or two octaves), Eb, and Ab (Use All state ranges for each instrument for CURRENT grade year).
2. Chromatic scale (minimum of 1 octave, student’s choice of range and starting note).
3. Sight Reading.

1. Mallets: Play the following major scales: Concert F, Bb, Eb, and Ab, all 2 octaves.
2. Snare: Three rudiments of the student’s choice (ex. Long roll, flam accent, drag, etc. Should be played in open-close-open pattern).
3. Sight reading.

1. Students will play 4 major scales of their choice (2 octaves preferred, 1 octave accepted)
2. Students will sight read a short selection.

1. Play the following scales: D Major - 2 octaves, C Major - 2 octaves, A Major - 1 octave, G Major - 1 octave .
2. Perform one prepared piece of music.
3. Sight Reading

Visual Arts

1. Student Portfolio - Students must bring a portfolio with 5 works of art to the audition.  The portfolio may (but is not required to) include the following items:  a sketchbook, photographs, drawings from observation, original works in color, 2-D design pieces, and 3-D artwork.  All digital work must be printed. All works must be completed by the student. Note: students do not have to purchase a professional portfolio for the audition. they may transport their artwork using whatever means necessary.

2. On Site Production - On audition day, students will be required to create a work using materials available in the art studio. A wide range of materials will be provided, but students can bring their own tools including cameras and USB cables.

What to expect at the Visual Arts Audition:
While students are in the art studio creating their work of art, judges will be scoring the student portfolios.  Any work created on site will be photographed and the student may take it at the end of the audition process.  Additionally each student will participate in a five minute individual interview with the judges.

Vocal Music:

Sheet music and practice materials can be found at:

1. Vocal Solo - Students will perform one of the following solos that aligns with their current grade level in the specific key related to their voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). Accompaniment will be provided at the audition. The solo must be memorized and you may not sing a cappella.

2. Sight Reading - Students will sing one four-measure sight reading example using the method with which they are accustomed (solfegge, numbers, note names, etc.).

3. Scales - Students will sing a major, minor, and chromatic scale from memory using one of the recommended starting pitches:
Soprano 1- F
Soprano 2- E flat
Alto 1- D
Alto 2- Middle C
Tenor 1- F below middle C
Tenor 2- E flat below middle C
Bass 1-D below middle C
Bass 2- B flat a 9th below middle C

If another starting pitch is needed, it is the responsibility of the student to inform the judging panel at the time of the audition.


Sheet music and practice materials can be accessed by Clicking Here

Slate your audition by giving your name, age, and title/author/character of your monologue and song selection. 

1. Memorize and perform two contrasting monologues from published materials. Monologues should be one minute each for a total of two minutes.

2. Memorize and perform one to two minutes of a song from musical theatre. You may choose from the selections provided or you must provide your own musical accompaniment. No a cappella performances will be accepted.

(Total time not to exceed four minutes).

Technical Theatre:
1. Prepare a portfolio of your work with at least TEN images of your work from sound, lights, set, costumes, makeup, video, graphic design, marketing, etc.
2. Interview with a panel of judges about your experience in theatre production and interest in the field.
3. Present three letters of recommendation from directors/teachers you have worked with in technical production.


Theatre and Technical Theatre:
One Act
Improv Impire
Fall Play
Fall Musical
October Tales of Terror
Winter Musical
Spring Play
Spring Musical
Great Playwright Series
Individual Showcase
Friday Night Live
Theatre for Social Change
August Wilson Monologue Contest
Shuler Hensley Performance Thespian Conference
One Act Play Competition
Summer Children’s Theatre

Winter Concert
Spring Concert
Instrumental Music
Marching Band
Symphonic Band
Jazz Band
Concert Bands
District Honor Band
All State Band

Vocal Music:
All State Sight Reading Chorus
District Honor Chorus
Governors Honors
Ladies’ Trio
Literary Competition
Large Group Performance Evaluation
Men’s Quartet
Spring Sing Pop Concert
Spring Talent Show
University of Georgia Choral Day

Visual Arts:
National Art Honor Society
Youth Art Month
NAHS Conference
Museum/Gallery Tours
Student Art Shows