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Student Updates in Infinite Campus: 
Parent Portal Annual Updates MUST READ
Parents, please complete annual student updates in Parent Portal ASAP!
IMPORTANT–In the 2023 - 2024 school year students will not be issued a device until there is an active parent portal account and a current annual update.  
Here are instructions for completing the updates, but this only works if you have a parent portal account. Annual Updates instructions - click here

If you don't have a Parent Portal account, click here for directions to get started.

If you have a Parent Portal account, click here to log in.  Here is how to complete Annual Student Updates:
1. Click "More" in the navigation menu on the left.
2. Click "Annual Student Updates."

While completing your updates, be sure to sign the Acceptable Use Agreement granting your child access to technology. 

Spanish Instructions


Our students are required to dress in a manner that demonstrates their commitment to a professional and productive future. Therefore, business casual is the preferred form of standard dress for our students. Each career pathway participates in Dress for Success days and require more specific dress to promote both professionalism and safety within our labs. Your individual instructors will provide more specific guidance pertaining to dress within your pathways. While complying with the school system’s entire dress code policy, there are particular areas of dress that will be strictly enforced in order to promote professionalism:

  • *Jeans and pants may be worn with holes; however, no skin above the knee should be showing. If the jeans/pants have holes above the knee leggings, tights, shorts, etc. must be worn to cover the skin (not flesh toned). Please note that excessive holes are NOT allowed even if the skin is covered.

  • *Skirts and/or shorts must be fingertip length and any slits must not come above the knee

  • *Undergarments must be worn

  • *Undergarments must not be worn outside of clothing for any reason

  • *Pants and shorts must always be worn at the natural waistline and not below the hips

  • *No oversized or baggy clothing shall be worn. This is an issue of professionalism and safety

  • *Low cut or sheer shirts and blouses are not permitted

  • *No midriff shirts are allowed

  • *No tank tops/halter tops or layered spaghetti strap camisoles

  • *No hats, sunglasses, hoods, visors, bandanas, doo-rags, bonnets or head wraps

  • *Leggings may not be worn without a shirt that reaches the fingertips

  • *No off the shoulder tops

  • *Biker shorts may be worn with a shirt that reaches fingertips

  • *No bedroom shoes or pajamas

  • *Clothing may not depict any type of contraband (i.e. alcohol, drugs, tobacco, weapons) nor may it depict gang affiliation, obscenity, profanity, or lewd content (literal or implied).